About Carrie

Get to know me…

Welcome to my website. Want to know a lil about me? Well I am San Diego born and raised, which means I am quite lucky to be honest. The weather here has it’s not so great moments, but 90% of the time it’s AWESOME (and awesomely expensive). I’ve done a lot of things in my 40+ years on this planet and plan on doing A LOT more! I am a singer, writer, poet, reader, love playing everything from video games to card games, go to concerts, be an ear for my friends when they need me and a jokester when they need to laugh (yes even at a funeral), build websites, figure out how to make things move smoother in the office or on the web, karaoke (and running karaoke shows too, back in the day), band promotions, driving, laughing, watching movies when I am in the mood and tons more. Right now I am a definite web tinkerer/designer/developer and working on going back to school and a few other things.  I do website building/consulting for friends and companies sometimes. You can see my business website by going to www.lewisweb.info 

Now you know a little bit about me and I do plan on updating this with a quasi-resume and some other stuff. For now this is all I got for ya. Come back later. 🙂 

Last update: 12/9/2018