Oh the seeds we sow!

Well I just upgraded my WordPress website to 5.0 and I have to say that I am getting used to the new editor. It feels slightly more user friendly then the old way. Of course I also use the plugin Elementor Site Origin’s Page Builder and some others so I am testing out the usability of all the different editors and if they save the information correctly when switching between them all. 🙂 So far switching between Elementor and the default editor takes out the Elementor button I made below. Hmmmmm 

If you would like to get a hold of me please click the button below to send me an email. I am done geeking around, thanks. 🙂

Welcome to my mine field….

You have just walked onto a mine field. Here is where I test out things that WordPress does. This website will look one way one day and another the next. Web stuff has always been a passion of mine. For now I am only using this space for blowing or I mean building websites and making sure they RAWK! 🙂 Thanks.