Hello People of the Inter-Webs,

Welcome to my website/blog/whatever I want it to be. My name is not a mystery in the least…it’s CARRIE! *dundundun* Here is where I will post my random projects, thoughts, poems, videos, and other peoples works as well etc. Follow me if you wish. This website is always under construction. Always my little digital toy I like to play with and blow up on occasion. I really like to mess with WordPress and am always learning new things.

Have to keep that old brain going don’t cha know. 🙂

So I have started over fresh yet again. To see where I can take this website. My ideas. I am a 41 year old tech geek, diabetic, singer, dreamer and geeker! I love to play video games and tinker on websites and hang out with family and friends, work, go to school and LIVE! It’s amazing…this life. 🙂

More to come. I promise. For now I leave you with something beautiful. Love me some Lycia.